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Corte Instruments provide precision surgical instrument sharpening and repair to the medical research community.

The repair process is done by hand with files and stones. Honing machines are rarely used on any instrument shorter than 12cm (4.7"). This ensures the least amount of metal is removed to refurbish an edge or tip, so the instrument retains a "like new" look and function.

Cost Effective

Having your forceps, scissors, or rongeurs refurbished costs 66-90% less than replacing them. A survey of the first 100 orders done by Corte Instruments showed that the average lab saved $900 by not having to buy new instruments. Click here for the price list

Quick turnaround

Instruments sent to Corte Instruments are repaired and shipped the following business day. On-site repairs can be returned the next day, eliminating shipping costs and time.

Check the on-site repair schedule to see if there is a potential conflict with a quick turn around because of being out of the office.

  • Fourteen years of experience in the industry.
  • Worked on over 10,000 microscopic instruments.
  • Familiar with the animal models used in research.