Corte Instruments provide precision surgical instrument sharpening and repair to the medical research community.

The repair process is done by hand with files and stones. Honing machines are rarely used on any instrument shorter than 12cm (4.7"). This ensures the least amount of metal is removed to refurbish an edge or tip, so the instrument retains a "like new" look and function.

Cost Effective

Having your forceps, scissors, or rongeurs refurbished costs 66-90% less than replacing them. A survey of the first 100 orders done by Corte Instruments showed that the average lab saved $900 by not having to buy new instruments. Click here for the price list

Quick turnaround

Instruments sent to Corte Instruments are repaired and shipped the following business day. On-site repairs can be returned the next day, eliminating shipping costs and time.

Check the on-site repair schedule to see if there is a potential conflict with a quick turn around because of being out of the office.

* Fourteen years of experience in the industry.
* Worked on over 10,000 microscopic instruments.
* Familiar with the animal models used in research.


Daron worked for a surgical instrument company for six years. During his tenure, he performed various tasks from meeting the manufacturers to quality control to meeting the end users. Along with customizing products for specific customers, he has designed a few instruments now permanently being made. Through customer feedback, he learned how instruments should look and perform under a microscope for the animal models used in research.

After taking some time off in 2002, several former customers suggested starting a repair company so they could continue having instruments customized to fit their needs. Other repair companies rely on honing machines to sharpen instruments, but this ruins the original small tip of microscopic instruments. Daron still uses files and stones to remove the least amount of metal to retain a "like new" look for a fraction of the cost of buying a replacement.


Price List:

* Forceps tip size D-G — $9
* Forceps tip size A-C — $10
* Surgical Scissors — $12
* Spring Scissors — $25
* Rongeurs — $25

5% discount for 10 or more instruments 10% discount for 20 or more instruments
(add $5 — $30 for shipping)

Instrument Sharpening

The repair process is done by hand with files and stones. Honing machines are rarely used on any instrument shorter than 12cm (4.7”). This ensures the least amount of metal is removed to refurbish an edge or tip, so the instrument retains a “like new” look and function. All work is done under a microscope.

Instrument Repair

Just about anything can be repaired or resharpened. If it cannot, the instrument will be returned at no charge. So it does not hurt to include questionable items with your order.

Be sure to fill out an order form to include with your order. Instruments are customized to best suit your animal model and magnification you use. Remember that smaller tips are more fragile.

Custom Instrument Modification

Instruments can be modified to fit other needs, like blunt flat tips for mouse laminectomies. Contact us at daron@corteinstruments.com for specific questions.

Click here for a map of ground shipping coverage.

Tip Sizes
Tip Size Width Depth Common Uses
A <10μ <10μ Adult drosophila, mosquitoes
B 10-20μ <10μ Microcirculation,<d5 mouse embryo
C 25-50μ 10μ Xenopus oocytes, fly larva
D (#5 biology tips) 50μ 10μ D6-10 mouse embryos
E 50-75μ 10-20μ Zebrafish, >d11 mouse embryos
F (Standard tips) 100μ 50μ Adult mouse/rat tissue
G >150μ >50μ General use at no magnifation


L.P., Genentech

[The] forceps you sharpened for me look GREAT! Thanks. I had almost forgotten how nice they could look.

C.G., U Alabama

[We] received the scissors today. I really appreciate your only charging us for the good ones. I feel, however, that you are not charging enough for your efforts. Thank you and we will be sending you more. The staff continue[s] to tell me they are just as good as new ones.

N.H., UC Davis

I will definitely send mine your way in the future. I just used a pair you sharpened for E14 mouse embryos yesterday. They worked great.

S.C., U North Carolina

We received the sharpened forceps and got to test them out. They are wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time to fix the really bad ones. That saves us a ton of money.

M.G., U Washington

Again, thanks for being so flexible and quick… we really appreciate it. We've used other sources for sharpening around here, but no one does as nice as job as you. So thanks again!

C.K., U Washington

Thank you for doing a terrific job- it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Repair Schedule

In the table below are dates when Daron makes annual trips to a few metro areas to pick up orders. If you are shipping an order and need a quick turn around, contact us to inquire about current turn around. Instruments are typically repaired within a week.

Also included are dates out of the office.

Dates Metro Area Affiliate Details
Mar21-29 Out of Office
May22-26 Out of Office
Jul4-13 Out of Office
Jul24-Aug6 Out of Office

Contact Us

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Phone: 541.390.3622

Email: daron@corteinstruments.com

Business Hours:7am-4pm Pacific Time Monday - Friday